About location

Turice village lies on the edge of the triangle formed by the cities Brandys nad Labem-Stara Boleslav, Benatky nad Jizerou and Lysa nad Labem. The village is made ​​up of two basic residential units - Turice and Sobetuchy. The village is one of the smaller municipalities in the former district of Mlada Boleslav. In 2013 there permanently lived 280 inhabitants.

The village is one of the oldest villages of the district. The first written mention was mentioned in r. 1194, then Sobetuchy in r. 1488. According to legend, the name of the village derives from Tyra, one of the murderers of Prince Wenceslas in the nearby Stara Boleslav, 29 September 935 (http: //www.obec- turice.cz/informace-o-obci/historie/).